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Welcome to JD Slingers Restaurant Website.

JD Slinger's Steaks and Burgers
855 West Williams Ave
Fallon, Nevada 89406
775 423-3050
fax 775 423 3052
Located in the Bonanza Casino

Meet JD Slinger 

It’s a Summer Night in Virginia City, the year is 1862. The Comstock Lode has just been discovered. A not yet Famous Samuel Clemens is stumbling home after a night of drinking with friends. Three Highwaymen creep out of the dark to stand in front of the drunk. Their intentions were not of a noble standard. "Your watch and your money or your life" are the words heard by the future writer. He pauses and slowly relights his smoldering cigar. The highwaymen getting increasingly impatient demand "what are you waiting for?" With what will become his trademark wit he answers "I’m thinking, I’m thinking." Not appreciating the humor the highwaymen attack. In the blink of an eye a giant of a man, new to the town, steps between the attackers and the attacked; with one sling of his powerful arm all three men go flying. Grateful for the saving of his hide Samuel asks the stranger for his name. "My friends call me JD" and he was gone. The next morning, while nursing a hangover, the future writer sits down to write a "thank you" note to JD. The "thank you" note is printed in the Territorial Enterprise the next morning, titled, "JD the Slinger." Yes Samuel Clemens did see JD again. They spent the rest of their lives as the best of friends.

Only known photo of JD and Mark Twain together.
The man on the right is unknown.

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